Non-unionized employees, self-employed individuals


We offer legal support to non-unionized employees to help them solve problems in the context of work or to negotiate working conditions during the hiring process.

Our firm’s lawyers offer legal advice, negotiation and legal representation services to non-unionized employees.

Our services

Termination of employment

Contesting dismissal by the employer. Advocacy before the Administrative Labour Tribunal or arbitrator.

Employment contract

Legal advice and negotiation of the terms of individual employment agreements.

Severance pay

Legal advice and negotiation of severance packages. Advocacy before civil courts.

Labour standards

Legal advice related to labour standards set out by the Act respecting Labour Standards (for example: leave, absences, work hours, protection against reprisal, etc.)


Necessary steps in making an insurance claim for benefits (including disability insurance).


Defense of employees who are defendants to a civil claim alleging breach of a non-competition clause or breach of their obligation to act faithfully and honestly. Advocacy before civil courts.

Disciplinary proceedings

Defense of professionals being investigated by professional orders. Advocacy before regulatory bodies and the Professions Tribunal.